Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What do we know about the head of an Indonesian deforestation company?

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Let's face it. It is corporate heads, not companies, that destroy the habitat of orangutans, which may be a factor we should consider in the way we protest what is happening to the habitat of orangutans in Indonesia. Why not monitor the person in charge and shape our protests to directly to him as a point of personal responsibility?


Consider Tijie Goan Oei, the head of Asian Paper Products, a subsidiary of his giant Sinar Mas. APP is cited as responsible for deforestation in Indonesia and China and yet Oei was made honorary president of Peking University in 2010 after donating money to the university, ironical, for the construction of a life sciences building.


How much do we know about this man? (Here is some background at Forbes magazine.)


Why not gather information about him and make some firm but diplomatic points to him personally?


Here is the background:


"Sinar Mas Group APP" honorary president of Peking University, Dr. OEI Tjie Goan

July 8, Peking University, Chinese President Zhou Qifeng in Indonesia, "Sinar Mas Group APP" OEI Tjie Goan awarded an honorary doctorate certificate. Day, held at Peking University Graduate Graduation Ceremony and the ceremony, Chinese in Indonesia, China Chamber of Commerce executive vice president of Investment Enterprises Association, "Sinar Mas Group APP" chairman and president of OEI Tjie Goan was awarded an honorary doctorate from his alma mater. Overseas Chinese in Indonesia, China Chamber of Commerce executive vice president of Investment Enterprises Association, "Sinar Mas Group APP" chairman and president of OEI Tjie Goan on the 8th visit to his alma mater, Peking University, Peking University and was awarded an honorary doctorate. He was 42 years ago, graduated from famous universities in which the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics. 8 at the Graduation Ceremony of Peking University the ceremony, when the Peking University Zhou Qifeng as the "Sinar Mas Group APP" OEI Tjie Goan call tassels and certificates awarded an honorary doctorate of Peking University, the audience burst into enthusiastic cheers. At the ceremony, "Sinar Mas Group APP" OEI Tjie Goan do about 13-minute speech. 66, OEI Tjie Goan, reviewed 60 years of last century to return to study, then study time at Beijing University, said that "at Peking University's learning to be my most memorable experiences in life and make my way in the future continue to benefit." "Sinar Mas Group APP" OEI Tjie Goan Born in 1944 in Indonesia, when he was under the care of Premier Zhou Enlai in 1960, his father sent to China to study, in 1963 admitted to the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics, Peking University. Early 70s of last century, OEI Tjie Goan returned to Indonesia to join his father, Chung Wong created the "Sinar Mas Group APP". In his tireless efforts, the Group's pulp and paper industry in the 70s of last century from a small factory, the development of a current total assets of more than 70 billion yuan of the "Sinar Mas Group APP", and among the world's top ten paper. Young of Peking University, Shimei were, "Sinar Mas Group app" OEI Tjie Goan also raised high expectations. He said: "No matter what your aspirations set, sure to give top priority to national interests; to forge ahead, never back; to society, it can continue to learn, study and study again." "Sinar Mas Group app" OEI Tjie Goan said: "The school's history and mission to enable every person consciously Peking world as their own consciously assume the prosperity of the country and the important task of national revival. To their own choice into the country and national development needs, to our knowledge and wisdom to contribute to social development. " He hoped that the day of graduate students, no matter what sort of work, "are able to maintain a scientific attitude and enthusiasm for research, graduate students and create a unique value." In his speech, the world's third largest paper company president, but also look back with pride of their life in the "favorite things", that is "more than 2.5 billion trees planted, and adhere to the 'species of six, cut a 'principle. " Over the past 30 years, OEI Tjie Goan led "Sinar Mas Group app" in mainland China has scientific research, education, environmental protection, disease prevention, funding and other areas of the western development has contributed more than 600 million yuan. He said, "than spend money on private jets, bought sports car, more meaningful life of debauchery, more happiness." Applause, laughter. Li Haifeng, director of the State Council Qiaoban specifically for the ceremony sent a congratulatory letter, her letter said: "Sinar Mas Group app (OEI Tjie Goan) to promote the Chinese culture as its mission, Mr., Juan Juzi support of overseas Chinese education act has doubly Lingrenganpei , and Mr. Sinar Mas Group APP in its many outstanding results achieved in the area will go down in history." Posted on 28-12-2010 03:03


  1. Keep it light, keep it POLITE but never miss an opportunity to publicise the Red Ape is, I think, an excellent Mantra. It was exceedingly interesting to read more about the Sinar Mas president. Knowledge is power.

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